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Noise control

We create acoustic comfort.

Experts in acoustics

Noise pollution has a significant impact on our day-to-day living comfort. Noise lies at the basis of many health problems and multiple studies have proven the negative effect of noise on our productivity and accuracy of tasks. IPCOM has specialized in reducing noise pollution, in order to contribute to a healthy and comfortable living and working environment.

Total solutions provider

IPCOM offers a complete range of innovative solutions that cover every aspect of noise control and acoustics: sound insulation, sound absorption, anti-drumming, vibration damping and acoustic components. Our noise control solutions find their way to a wide range of sectors and industries: shipbuilding, automotive, construction, food & beverage, healthcare & medical, machine building, OEM, etc.

Noise control roof hvac

Room acoustics and design

New construction methods, dense living environments, new ways of working,… all bring their own acoustic challenges. Every building has its specific sound requirements. IPCOM delivers certified insulation systems that perfectly combine acoustic performance with aesthetics and attractive design. We create optimal acoustic comfort in offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and other public areas.

Acoustic comfort and design

IPCOM companies with this expertise

  • ISOPARTNER Austria
  • ISOPARTNER Switzerland
  • ISOPARTNER Ireland
  • ISOPARTNER Germany
  • ISOPARTNER Romania
  • ISOPARTNER Hungary
  • ISOPARTNER Netherlands
  • HL Tech Oy
  • Aislamientos Diansa S.L.

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