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Digital transformation

Rethinking the future

Digital technologies accelerate innovation by improving efficiency and performance, customizing products and services, enabling new business models and redesigning operational processes. 
IPCOM strives to exceed customer expectations by introducing digital tools and new technologies to serve customers with innovative end-to-end solutions. IPCOM’s digital leadership is driven by our agility and our ability to meet the customer when, where and how they choose to engage.

‘New technologies create new opportunities for business – and new challenges as well.’

IPCOM’s customer solutions ecosystem

IPCOM is developing a cutting-edge customer solutions ecosystem that serves clients with highly innovative digital product and service solutions. IPCOM’s ecosystem is supported by a solid IT infrastructure, the right set of technologies, well balanced operations and processes and the right people and culture to drive our digital transformation.

People are at the centre of digital transformation

IPCOM empowers skilled professionals and heavily invests in people development and training. Multidisciplinary teams are cultivated to foster innovation, to strengthen our customer interaction and to enhance traditional products with services, software and data analytics.

IPCOM digital transformation to Industry 4.0
slogan Moving forward together



If everyone is moving forward together, success takes care of itself.

Henry Ford



digital transformation
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