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Competence centres

Strategic expertise and intelligence

Moving Forward Together is the core essence of our IPCOM philosophy. We are convinced that a multidisciplinary approach and close cooperation between group company experts are valuable ways to improve our business processes. By sharing strategic expertise we aim to further develop our activities and contribute to sustainable growth. 

Knowledge and training

Cross selling

The mission of the IPCOM competence centres is to boost the competitive strength of our group companies by developing synergies and cross selling. By spreading strategic knowledge and business expertise, we enable our group companies to successfully enter new markets and industries and to further expand their product and solutions portfolio. 

One stop knowledge shop

IPCOM has created competence centres for each of its areas of expertise. These teams of highly skilled insulation professionals provide training and education across the group. By developing, nurturing and facilitating access to critical knowledge and strategic intelligence, the competence centres strengthen our position as an industry leader.


Training and sharing knowledge
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