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Building insulation

Creating comfortable and ecological living and working environments.

Complete product range

Insulation solutions for any type of building

IPCOM provides its professional customers with a full range of building insulation solutions for any type of building: private houses, commercial buildings, utility and industrial buildings. Our range of products include XPS, EPS, PUR, PIR, Resol, glass wool, stone wool, cellular glass and many other related products.

Always evolving

Increasing regulation and legislation have led to a significant development of technologically advanced insulation materials. Thermal building insulation is an important technology to reduce energy consumption in buildings by preventing heat gain/loss through the building envelope. 

Extensive research, innovation and intensive training allow IPCOM to stay on top of the latest advancements and provide its customers with future proof insulation solutions.

IPCOM insulation industrial building

IPCOM companies with this expertise

  • CROSSLINK Building Supplies
  • Aislamientos Diansa S.L.
  • IBSL Group Ltd

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