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ISOPARTNER Netherlands

ISOPARTNER Netherlands, the perfect partner for every project

In 2023, Jacosol, Asbipro distribution, Asbipro prefab and ATIS International joined forces. "Together we are strong" and continue under a new, common name: ISOPARTNER Netherlands. ISOPARTNER Netherlands specialises in the distribution and conversion of a very wide range of insulation solutions.


Thermal insulation
Passive fire protection
Noise control
High temperatue insulation

Solution Provider

ISOPARTNER Netherlands specializes in the distribution and conversion of a very wide range of insulation solutions. With a focus on professional advice, standard and customized insulation solutions and excellent logistics, ISOPARTNER is the perfect partner for every project.

ISOPARTNER Netherlands provides customers from the building sector, industry and specialized trade with products in the areas of thermal insulation, low temperature insulation, acoustic insulation, fire prevention, fireproof insulation,... In addition, they are specialists in customization for the most diverse insulation applications.

ISOPARTNER Netherlands is not only a distributor of insulation materials, but also sees itself as a problem solver and thinks in terms of concepts, systems and projects. Through good interaction with its customers, ISOPARTNER Nederland is able to supply customised and special products for the most diverse insulation applications. Customisation is possible for applications within acoustic insulation, thermal insulation and fire-resistant insulation, but also for protection, filtration and sealing.

We can do this in many ways, but mainly by adapting or developing products for a specific application or ensuring that a product is easy to apply. This makes us not just a supplier, but a total partner to our clients. The strength of ISOPARTNER Netherlands is to be a reliable partner in knowledge, customisation, advice and logistics with a strong service-oriented team.


ISOPARTNER Netherlands

ISOPARTNER Netherlands
Noordhoek 33
3351 LD Papendrecht

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