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30-09-2013 Kaimann GmbH agrees in deal with IPCOM Group to transfer Kaimann AS in Norway

Founded in 1992, Kaimann AS in Norway is a specialist insulation distribution business. For over 20 years Kaimann AS has been owned by Kaimann GmbH; in a transaction jointly announced by Kaimann GmbH and IPCOM today, this period of ownership has now ended. Effective from the 25th of September Kaimann AS is part of the IPCOM group.

“Over the decades Kaimann AS, which was the first Kaimann venture outside of Germany, has been a great success story and I have always considered the employees and staff there to be an integral part of the Kaimann family.From modest beginnings Kaimann AS has developed to become a business very different from anything we are involved in elsewhere in Europe. In most countries we form close partnerships with multiple insulation wholesalers in order to sell Kaiflex to customers but Kaimann AS has been the exception to this rule. By joining IPCOM the Kaimann AS business will benefit from being part of a much bigger and specialized distribution organisation and it will be well positioned for future growth” says G.J. Kaimann, CEO and owner of Kaimann GmbH.

Martin Eilerts, Managing Director of Kaimann GmbH is also satisfied that the deal offers good value for all parties: “This deal is strategically very important for Kaimann as it allows us to focus on our core manufacturing business, where we see a great potential for further growth.

Arne Schultz, the responsible manager of Kaimann AS is convinced of the synergies achievable for Kaimann AS by joinig the IPCOM group and looks forward to the new business opportunities for the company.

Kaimann GmbH was founded in 1959 and is today one of the leading insulation manufacturers in Europe under the management of G. J. Kaimann. With a presence in more than 48 countries worldwide, Kaimann GmbH operates a 60.000 m² manufacturing facility in Hövelhof, Germany, and emphasises precision engineering excellence to produce the highest quality foam insulation products possible.

IPCOM, Insulation Products Company, is a Belgian group of European companies specialized in the distribution of building and technical insulation materials and related products. Founded in 2010, IPCOM has rapidly grown to become the overall market leader in Belgium and also has a strong presence in the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Poland. Based on a strategy of growth and value creation, IPCOM’s objective is to gain and sustain a leading position within the European market.

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