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28-11-2016 IPCOM Group expands its geographical presence and acquires Regisol AG

Swiss based Regisol AG, founded in 1961, has recently joined the IPCOM Group. For over 50 years Regisol AG has been a distributor and manufacturer of thermal, passive fire protection and acoustic insulation solutions.

Regisol AG is headquartered in Busswil (BE) and has distribution facilities in Dübendorf (ZH) and Oberhasli (ZH). Operating out of these 3 locations, the Regisol AG activities cover the entire Swiss market.

Regisol AG is market leader in the distribution and conversion of technical insulation in Switzerland. Next to the distribution of Paroc, Armacell, Flumrock, Sager and others, Regisol AG has also a very sophisticated production of PIR pipe sections which they market under their own brand REGOPIR.

Regisol AG is also very active in passive fire protection, representing the German company Flamro in Switzerland.

‘Joining the IPCOM Group is a major step towards ensuring a successful future for our company. We are deeply convinced that being part of the IPCOM Group will allow us to further strengthen our position on the Swiss market and will enable us to service and support our customers even better than before’, says Peter Wyser, md Regisol AG.

‘With a very experienced, skillful and dedicated management team consisting of Peter Wyser, Roberto Gianola and Alain Jost, and very motivated and committed people throughout the whole organization, Regisol AG is always striving to create value for its customers, offering a benchmark service and know how. The values which Regisol represent are a perfect match with the values we represent as an Ipcom group’, says Bernard Vercaemst, ceo IPCOM Group.

IPCOM Group expands its geographical presence and acquires Regisol AG
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