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02-07-2021 IPCOM expands footprint and enters the Finnish market by acquiring Kespet Oy


Ipcom announced the successful completion of its acquisition of Kespet OY

  • Strengthen market position in Northern-Europe

  • Further development of conversion and distribution capacities

  • “Cladding the future"


Based in Finland, Kespet Oy is a leading international supplier of HVAC and industrial insulation products, as well as insulation installation equipment and tools. Their product range includes a wide variety of products, ranging from thermal, acoustic and fire resistant insulation materials to plate linings and basic construction systems.

The activities of Kespet Oy began in 1977 with specific applications for the HVAC industry, and from 1983 developed further in insulation projects for the process industry in Finland and overseas. Meanwhile, Kespet Oy is active in 4 locations Jyväskylä, Helsinki (Southern Finland), Tampere and Turku.

An in-house production facility in Jyväskylä of 3400 m2 enables the manufacturing of protective cladding and insulation elements for various projects according to national standards. High-quality products are produced such as coils, standard plates and corrugated plates of various materials.
Support structures for insulation materials, pipes and ducts are also part of this process.

Kespet Oy, realizes a turnover of 16,4 Mio € with a workforce of 46 people.


"I believe that joining Ipcom Group will help us to reach our full potential and we are eager to start working with the group companies. Ipcom Group has done a remarkable job within the industry and we are happy to join that kind of team of professionals.” says Pekka Asikainen, CEO of Kespet Oy.

"We are delighted to welcome Kespet Oy into the IPCOM Group. We were attracted to the company as the product folio is similar to the existing product range of IPCOM's distribution activity in technical insulation materials, PFP and acoustical insulation. Moreover the clear focus on conversion and tailor made solutions fits perfectly in IPCOM's growth strategy. We look forward to realising our growth plans together, strengthening our knowledge and product offering and expanding our international presence. " says Remco Boerefijn, CEO of IPCOM.

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