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16-10-2023 IPCOM celebrates the addition of the 10th country to the ISOPARTNER business unit

We are proud to announce the addition of the 10th ISOPARTNER country: HL Tech OY has become ISOPARTNER Finland. Since the foundation in 1983, HL Tech company has grown to become one of Finland's leading distributors of technical insulation. The company is known in Finland as a pioneer in cellular insulation, cellular rubber, stone wool and PVC coating insulation materials.

Since 2021, ISOPARTNER has been introduced as brand name for the IPCOM business unit specialized in technical insulation. Together the ISOPARTNER companies aim to be the Leading European Service Provider specialized in the distribution and conversion of innovative solutions for technical insulation.
With this latest addition ISOPARTNER further strengthens its market leading position in the Nordic region for the distribution of Technical Insulation. Furthermore, it will help to offer an even better assortment to our Finnish customers.

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ISOPARTNER powers sustainability

All ISOPARTNER companies contribute to a world that is sustainable, safe and comfortable to live and work in. With respect to the environment, they continue to reduce the environmental footprint by changing the way they do business. 
ISOPARTNER companies operate their business with a demonstrated commitment to the highest level of ethical conduct and honest business dealings. They aim to increase the positive impact they have on society by maximizing the impact products make and minimizing the operational impact. They support customers in addressing climate change-related challenges and opportunities. Being part of EIIF and having a growing pool of certified TIPCHECK engineers within ISOPARTNER is a perfect example of the mission statement all ISOPARTNER companies propagate.

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Mission Statement

“Our purpose is to contribute to a world that is sustainable, safe and comfortable to live and work in. Together with our customers and suppliers, we can have a big impact. Our mission is to be the preferred partner in technical insulation, by providing professional advice, standard and tailor-made insulation solutions and excellent logistics. We want to strengthen your competitive edge and ensure your success now and in the future.” 


The ISOPARTNER culture

The ISOPARTNER companies continue to maintain an entrepreneurial approach in all their activities. With a strong local presence and drive, an extensive know-how and excellent service the companies that are part of the IPCOM business unit ISOPARTNER create value to customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. 
They are a reliable partner for customers because the teams do what they promise. With a progressive vision on the constantly evolving technologies and innovative ideas, they have only one goal, one solution in mind: to meet customers' needs. But the companies still like to keep things simple. Being efficient in daily operations lets them improve the productivity as well as keeping an informal down-to-earth mentality. 
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ISOPARTNER, an ambitious business unit of IPCOM

ISOPARTNER is active in several European countries. Being part of a group of companies, all sharing the same values, has a lot of advantages for the companies, employees but in the first place our customers. Over the years we have grown exponentially.

IPCOM and ISOPARTNER would like to thank all customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders for their ongoing support and partnerships that made this expansion into an ongoing success story.
As an ambitious group of companies, we will continue to strengthen our competitive advantage as leading European service provider in Technical Insulation and expand the ISOPARTNER Business Unit even more in the following months.

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