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IPCOM's collaboration with the European Industrial Insulation Foundation (EiiF)

IPCOM actively participates in initiatives aimed at elevating energy efficiency standards in the industrial sector. In collaboration with the European Industrial Insulation Foundation (EiiF), the IPCOM Group is committed to advancing sustainability and energy efficiency within the industrial domain.

What is EiiF?

Driven by a common vision among its twelve founding partners, the European Industrial Insulation Foundation (EiiF) is a non-profit organisation that was founded in 2009 and has its headquarters located in Switzerland. Armacell, Bilfinger SE, Cape, FESI, G+H Isolierung, Hertel, Kaefer, Kaimann, Foamglas, Rockwool, ISOVER, and Termisol Termica – all of these prestigious businesses have banded together to support industrial insulation as a way to enhance sustainability and profitability. For businesses looking for ways to decrease their CO2 emissions and save energy, EiiF is an essential resource. The foundation strives to promote a culture of responsible energy consumption by educating the public about the many advantages of industrial insulation through a variety of initiatives.



Our Commitment to Sustainability

Our dedication to sustainability is a fundamental part of the IPCOM Group's corporate identity. As honoured members of EiiF, we embody this commitment in more ways than just expressing it. We truly think that sustainability has the ability to change the world, and we are committed to making the industrial landscape greener and more energy-efficient, as demonstrated by our partnership with EiiF.

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The TIPCHECK Program

The Technical Insulation Performance Check (TIPCHECK) Programme, a standardised thermal energy auditing tool designed to evaluate the performance of industrial insulation systems, is at the core of EiiF's mission. The TIPCHECK Programme, which adheres to industry standards such as EN 16247 and ISO 50002, enables industries to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions by optimising their insulation systems. Our commitment to sustainability is reinforced within the IPCOM Group by our certified TIPCHECK engineers. These experts specialize in optimising industrial insulation systems, ensuring that our clients not only meet but exceed industry standards. We invite you to explore the dedicated sections on the websites of our companies for a thorough understanding of our sustainability commitment and the TIPCHECK Programme.

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Collaboration for Sustainable Excellence

The IPCOM Group invites you to join us in our pursuit of long-term excellence in the industrial sector. We hope to serve as a catalyst for positive change as we continue to collaborate with EiiF and contribute to a more sustainable future. We can create a world where energy efficiency, profitability, and environmental responsibility coexist in harmony. We encourage you to explore the dedicated sections on the websites of our group companies for detailed insights into our sustainability initiatives and opportunities to participate in this transformative journey.

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