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All hands on deck

During the construction of a vessel, ship builders encounter multiple insulation challenges. In other words, all IPCOM areas of expertise are involved in these kinds of projects. Our experts can give advice and deliver certified products for thermal insulation, noise control and fire protection in ship engine rooms, as well as acoustic and fire resistant solutions for passenger areas. 

Certified solutions

Fire protection

The IPCOM group is leading manufacturer, assembler and supplier of fire resistant insulation solutions for inland- and ocean-going passenger vessels, like fire proof bulkheads, fire resistant door systems and ceilings. Our business processes, products and systems are provided by all certificates required by the EU.

Noise control

We also offer certified products and tailor-made solutions for the noise insulation of ship engine rooms, the mechanical damping of bulkheads and decks, as well as the absorption and attenuation of vibrations on board.

IPCOM insulation solutions for vessels
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