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Specialist in pipe and duct insulation

To ensure optimal energy efficiency, heating pipes, ventilation systems and air-conditioning systems need to be insulated completely so any loss of heat or cold can be avoided. IPCOM offers a broad variety of solutions to save energy in HVAC installations.

Additionally, noise pollution of HVAC installations can be reduced with our optimized insulation materials. Vibration damping installations for HVAC equipment are one of our specialties.

Clever climate control

Ready-made products

As a market leading company in technical insulation, IPCOM can deliver insulation products from all main manufacturers. Thanks to our large stocks in warehouses spread all over Europe, your order is ready for delivery right away.

Custom-made solutions

IPCOM experts are trained to find the best solution for every project. If necessary, tailor-made solutions can be furnished by one of our conversion sites. 

Noise control insulation vibration damping
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