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Food & beverage

Processing food under the best conditions

The industrial production, packaging and distribution of food and beverages have exceedingly high standards with regard to hygiene and cleanability that aren't always as obvious as in some other industries. IPCOM has an excellent understanding of these regulations that impact the automation and optimisation of the production processes in the food and beverage industries.

Strict hygienic standards

Sound reduction

Because of the hard and bare surfaces in typically large and open production environments - including transport conveyors, bottling and filling lines - noise levels are often high and there are a lot of reverberations. These conditions can negatively affect safety and health of people at work. The IPCOM group provides ceiling and wall systems to reduce sound pollution, all while fulfilling the strictest hygienic standards. Our engineers have also developed panel systems that perfectly fit around specific machines to make them soundproof.

Specific solutions

Food safety regulations require solutions are that are completely sealed. Production lines in the food and beverage industry need to be impenetrable to humidity and dust and allow an effective cleaning process, even under high pressure. At IPCOM we have the right experience to take these conditions into account.

Ceiling and wall systems reduce sound pollution while also fulfilling the strictest hygienic standards
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