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Domestic appliances

The shift towards energy efficient households

In the last decade the world has become very well aware of the repercussions of bad energy use and CO2 pollution. As a consequence there has been a huge evolution in the energy efficiency of machines and appliances. This evolution is particularly noticeable in our households, which represent 25% of final energy consumption in the EU. IPCOM delivers high-performance insulation solutions in order to lower energy waste to a minimum in domestic appliances.

Supplier and R&D partner

Energy efficiency

As manufacturers of domestic appliances have to face the growing environmental concerns and regulations imposed by governments, they are required to keep developing new and more energy-efficient products. In this product upgrade, insulation plays a very important role. Thermal losses at the sides of cookers, refrigerators, boilers, stoves and chimneys can be reduced with the high quality insulation solutions delivered by IPCOM.

Reduce fire risk

Good insulation of domestic appliances also prevents appliance fires, one of the main causes of house fires. This saves lives and properties. With its expertise in the field, IPCOM is glad to advise manufacturers of domestic appliances in the engineering and production of fire safe and thermally insulated devices.

Boiler thermal insulation
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