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Safety, comfort and sustainability

Saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions are a must in the present-day construction sector. Reducing the transfer of energy (heat or cold) between two areas by insulating a building reduces the amount of energy that is needed for heating or air conditioning. This saves costs, improves comfort of living and thus increases the value of a building.

In addition, in today's more and more densely populated cities, insulation in public and residential buildings is essential to ensure fire safety and reduce noise levels.

Excellent delivery on construction sites

Creating comfortable and ecological living and working environments

IPCOM delivers high performing and sustainable insulation materials to guarantee a minimal amount of energy is lost when heating or cooling a building. Furthermore, our fire resistant insulation products protect the people inside. Thanks to our large stock capacity and our excellent logistic network, we can deliver large orders to construction sites all across Europe in a very short time.

Reduce noise levels

IPCOM offers acoustic insulation materials for ceilings, floors and walls to avoid sound transmission between rooms on one hand and improve acoustics in the room itself on the other hand. Along with sound insulation, vibration damping is also a crucial factor in buildings, since the transmission of vibrations through floors can cause serious noise pollution. Finally, IPCOM offers a wide range of solutions for noise reduction in pipes and ducts to optimize acoustic comfort.

Fire safety in public buildings
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