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Technical insulation, fire protection and acoustic comfort

Today's automotive industry is all about achieving superior technical efficiency and improving drivers' and passengers' comfort. At the same time, environmental and safety regulations demand constant optimisation. In collaboration with manufacturers in the automotive sector, IPCOM engineers find future-proof solutions that limit fire risk, avoid heat loss and reduce noise in cars.

Custom made insulation & components

Better driving experience

The market for passenger vehicles is highly competetive. Manufacturers keep optimising the designs of their cars to keep up with exigent customer's demands and more and more stringent regulations. IPCOM constantly seeks new and improved insulations solutions to deliver the best quality materials to the automotive sector for more safety and a better driving experience.

Experts in engineering

IPCOM group experts closely work together with manufacturers in the automotive sector to develop and deliver the right solutions that meet its high standards. This is essential to limit fire risk, avoid heat loss and reduce noise and thus increase safety, technical performance and acoustic comfort.

acoustic comfort optimizes driving experience
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