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Public transport and heavy equipment

Without materials that insulate passenger areas in heavy vehicles like trucks, buses and trains, noise would often rise to annoying or even unbearable levels. By separating and insulating machinery spaces from others and by damping vibrations, IPCOM can soundproof passenger areas to tolerable levels. Aditionally we can deliver fireproof insulation solutions to protect passenger's lives.

Protecting passenger's ears and lives

Public transport

In the development and manufacturing of buses, trains and other means of public transport, it is important that the construction is as light and stable as possible, that the level of vibrations is low and that motor and outside noises are reduced. IPCOM has optimized its insulation solutions in order to achieve a substantial reduction in weight while reducing vibrations and noise pollution. As an expert in sound insulation, vibration damping and anti-drumming solutions, IPCOM works closely together with train, truck and bus manufacturers to deliver high-end solutions for these ever advancing industries.

Public transport

For the safety of the passengers, the use of fire resistant materials is indispensable. In order to prevent injuries from contact with hot cables, pipes or other metals, it is important to thermally insulate all danger zones.

Insulation solutions for trucks
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