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Sports & leisure

Safe and sound

Owners of public buildings are responsible for the safety of their visitors. The use of fire resistant insulation is absolutely crucial to this.

Furthermore, in large rooms where a lot of people come together, sound control is another important factor to be considered. Reverberation times need to be reduced with sound absorbing materials to avoid flutter echoes and in such a manner create comfortable environments.

Spend your free time in pleasant places

Performance and design combined

In buildings where people spend their leisure time, a modern and welcoming atmosphere will contribute to a happier experience. For this reason, our offer includes insulation products with all kinds of finishings. Thanks to this, insulation panels for walls or ceilings in sports halls or theatres for instance can also have a decorative function.

Above all, when people come together to enjoy music, optimizing sound quality with our state-of-the-art acoustic insulation is a must. IPCOM experts can advise on how to decorate a room to improve acoustics in the best possible way.

Creative finishing of insulation products
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